Twi'lek Financeer


A small Twi’lek, Ayyn’torthal, is always swathed in robes and can sometimes be mistaken for a Jawa. His purple lekku and face are the only clues to his actual species. Talking fast and playing on peoples initial low opinion of him, he allows them to be overwhelmed by his seemingly endless desires.


Hearing rumours of the storied Hidden Shipyards of Lepskin brought him to the sector. Knowing that vast fortunes await for any that are able to wrest control of the shipyard from the Imperials. Ayyn’torthal has set out to acquire these shipyards and bring them under Rebellion control, partly to fulfil a deep seeded need to see his kind free and to be a significant cog in an inevitably victorious, at least to him, new government.

An oath to help find a place for Twi’lek refugees has Torthal keeping an eye out to support and free those he finds in all too common indentured servitude.


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