Lawrence Wolf

Human Hired Gun Mercenary/Ambassador

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 2 2 2 3
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
3 Range 1 Melee 1 12 14 -3
Skills: Talents: Ranks Page
Athletics: PA Command 2
Charm: PPA Second Wind 2
Discipline: PP Field Commander
Leadership: PPA Improved Field Commander
Stealth: PAAA Kill with Kindness 1
Vigilance: PA Grit 2
Melee: PA Inspiring Rhetoric
Ranged – Heavy (Ag): PPPA Point Blank Shot 1
True Aim 1
Natural Marksman 1
Equipment: Quantity: Encumb
Armored Clothing 1 0 (Worn)
Blaster Rifle 1 4
Vibrosword 1 3
Frag Grenades 4 4
Backpack 1 -4
Load-Bearing 1 -3
Utility Belt 1 -1
Macrobinoculars 1 1
Scanner Goggles 1 0
Extra Reloads 3 0
Comlink (Handheld) 1 0
Stimpacks 2 0
Glowrod 1 0
Forearm Grip 1 0
Credits 930 0
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Heavy Blaster Rifle Long Range Heavy 11 Auto-fire
Weapon Sling (Quick Draw Mod)
Telescopic Optical Sight
Augmented Spin Barrel (+1 Accurate Mod)
Vibrosword Engaged Melee +2 Pierce 2
Vicious 2
Defensive 1
Serrated Edge

XP to spend: 0


  • Heavy Blaster Rifle OR Blastech DH-X Heavy Blaster Rifle
  • Czerka Arms KS23 Hammer
  • Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher
  • Optical Camouflage System

Lawrence is the middle child of seven children, his family having lived on Xix for generations. There his grandfather founded the family business, a small but lucrative manufacturing plant which specializes in custom parts, design and prototyping.

With his older siblings following in the family business and a pack of younger children to be raised, Lawrence was mostly left to his own devices. He didn’t excel at classwork, athletics or the arts like others in his family. He instead took more after his grandfather with a sense of adventure and recklessness.

After finishing his education, he joined up with one of the private security firms in the Lepskin Sector (as the sector lacks a large centralized force). It was there that he learned how to lead others in combat, participating in a large number of anti-piracy and security missions.

It was during this time that he met his long standing rival, Tavis Haskel. Haskell is a sector ranger who many times worked with(commandeered) Lawrence’s organization when he needed additional man power. Lawrence took a dislike to the man, as Tavis believed in the letter of the law rather then the spirit. He was frequently inflexible and stubborn in his methods. The more Lawrence worked with him though, the more he realized that Tavis and the other sector rangers had a certain bigotry towards non-human species. Once he stepped back, he realized this could be applied to the Imperials in the sector as a whole.

Eventually, Lawrence started taking notice of various Imperial injustices as well as their expanding presence in the sector. With the Core Worlds being so far away, Lawrence eventually had to ask himself what their goals in this sector were. After a debacle of a anti-pirate raid that Tavis had lead, Lawrence decided to quit his job and strike off on his own. Maybe then he could learn the answers to some of his questions. Through a certain grandfather who could never stay out of trouble, he was put in contact with Dun Sund and joined up with the Rebellion.

Lawrence Wolf

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