Drex Odam

Rodain Sharpshooter

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 2 3 2 2
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
3 Range 0 Melee 0 12 12 5(7)
Skills: Talents: Page
Athletics: PP Talents pg #
Perception: PAA Expert Tracker 146
Stealth: PAAA Sniper Shot 156
Survival: PPA True Aim 158
Ranged – Light: PAAA Lethal Blows 151
Ranged – Heavy: PPAA **
Cool: PA **
Medicine: PA **
Special Notes:
Heavy Clothing – Soak 1 -- Credits: 15 -- XP: 5 -- Duty: 0
Backpack – Climbing Gear, Extra Reload, Stimpack x2 Hand Comlink
Backpack – Field Rations x3, Glowrod x2 Scanner Goggles – always worn
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Rifle Long Range Heavy 9 Stun, Telescopic Optical Sight
Holdout Blaster Short Range Light 5 Stun

Drex was a street rat in his youth, being from Xix there wasn’t much to do other than get into trouble. Quickly becoming the black sheep of the family. Drex got caught up with Zade Trump a low level Bounty Hunter. Zade taught Drex everything about marksmanship, how to shoot, when to shoot, where to shoot. Luckily for Drex shooting was the only thing Zade was good at. It didn’t take long and Zade found himself dead. Whether it was another bounty hunter or some lucky relative of a family member he murdered no one will ever know.

On his own now, Drex didnt like killing people for bounties, but he was always good at shooting, so he took up work in the very sparse wilds that Xix had to offer clearing out womp rats and other pesky vermin.

Now with his “mentor” gone his family started welcoming him back into the fold, now a little older he was a little wiser than he was in his youth, he started looking forward to his future… then the Empire showed up. While on a small hunting vacation on Kashyyyk, Drex and his family, being Rodian’s they loved to hunt. It was an honor for the family to be invited by an old friend of his fathers, Attiwyk. During the first day of the hunt Drex and his family were “separated” because of the Empire. The Empire was there on the planet to “recruit” new folks for their cause. During the all the confusion Drex lost sight of his entire family and at the last second saw them at a distance struggle against the stormtroopers and subsequently be murdered… All except his sister, he didn’t see his sister….

While in this internment camp, Drex made friends with a few folks, seeing that they had much in common at this point. Their common goal was to “survive”. They attempted a few escapes. Unfortunately most of his new friends he had made were either murdered or never seen again. After a successful solo escape, Drex quickly putting his training into action, he “acquired” a very nice Blaster Rifle from a secure weapons crate and began the hunt. Searching for his sister, he spent a few days on his own in the wilderness, coming back towards the camps in hopes of spotting her. In a last ditch effort he freed as many folks as possible. Drex was just doing what he had to, to find his sister.

After the escape he found himself back on Xix, clueless.

Drex Odam

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