Dun Sund

Sullsutian Fleet Commander


Tall for a sullustan Dun is even more energetic than most of his kind. Seemingly everywhere on his command deck Dun always looks as if he just stepped from reviewing his troops.


Captain of a tramp freighter caught in a smugglers sting, his ship was destroyed by the Admiral now heading the Lepskin fleet. Joining the Corellian Privateers in the Lepskin Sector he quickly rose through the ranks by cunning and an innate tactical ability. When the Corellian Privateers were absorbed into the main Rebellion fleet Dun finally started his quest of revenge. Rising through the tiers of command until he was left in charge of a squad of Corellian Corvettes, hunting down a Strike Cruiser and finishing it off brought him to the attention of Rebellion Fleet Command. Promoted to Commodore, Dun has the small Rebellion Fleet under his command and is looking to bring the murderous Admiral to true justice.

Dun Sund

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