Gron Toka

Mon Calimari Quartermaster

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 3 1 2 3
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
2 Range 0 Melee 0 14 14 6/15
Skills: Talents: Page
Charm: PAA Smooth Talker (2) 81
Negotiation: PPA Know Somebody (2) 81
Skullduggery: P Grit (2) 81
Ranged – Light: PAA Toughened 81
Knowledge Education: PAA **
Knowledge Outer Rim: PAA **
Knowledge Xenology: PAA **
Computers: PPA
Special Notes:
Equipment: Encumbrance
Backpack -4
Load Bearing Gear -3
Utility Belt -1
Comlink 0
Extra Reload 1
Climbing Gear 1
Fusion Cutter 2
Heavy Blaster Pistol 2
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Heavy Blaster Pistol Medium Range Light 7 Stun
Fusion Cutter Engaged Melee 5 Breach 1 Burn 3
Sunder Vicious 3

My father was the head of the buying department for the Mon Calamari Shipyards and his job took him away from more often than not. Wherever his assignment took him he’d take our family. When the Empire began to enslave the Mon Calamari, I escaped to Xix. I knew from one of my father’s old business associates that the planet was not friendly to the Empire. Feeling guilty about having left my family in bondage, I’ve decided that I want to do what I can to oppose the Empire. The skills I learned from my father all center around the art of the deal, but I’ve learned to scrap while living on the streets of Xix. I’ve established my reputation as a Mon Cal who can get things and I hope that my business acumen can be employed to aid all enslaved sentients across the galaxy.

I was put in contact with the Rebellion by Ayyn’torthal, a Twi-lek with a common interest in acquiring useful technology for the purpose of freeing the enslaved. I have come to know Pashnia Niathal as a result and I try to bring her new toys to tinker with and reverse engineer. Since Draeks Im’lya is her commander, I’m more than willing to aid his cause.

Gron Toka

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