Icor Brimarch

Human Underworld Business Leader


A noble by birth, Icor has always dressed showy. Always taking time to look the part of a style leader, his pompadour set just right with his cape and tails accenting the distinguished look. Icor can be reserved due to the horrors he’s seen and caused. Trying to become better is weighing heavily on his mind.


Icor is a survivor of the purge resulting from an attempted sector rebellion five years ago, with House Organna and Corellian connections, tried to find and over take the Lepskin Shipyard. The favoured son of the major private shipping concern (Bantha Express) he’s seen corporate interests take over to a much greater extent under the New Order.

His employees have been led down dark paths from his schemes to bring down the Imperial Machine and disrupt the expansion into peaceful unaligned and largely unexplored regions. Looking back on the past five years he sees the tarnish on his dreams and is seeking to help the Rebel Alliance to help atone for the atrocities he’s been connected to.

Icor Brimarch

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