Wookiee Medic / Gunner / Beast Rider

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
4 4 4 2 1 2
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
7 Range 2 Melee 1 24 13 9
Skills: Talents: Page
Athletics: PAAA Forager AoR 147
Medicine: PPPA Toughened x 2 AoR 158
Resilience: PAAA Stimpack Specialization x 3 AoR 157
Brawl: PAAA Surgeon AoR 158
Melee: PPPA Bacta Specialist AoR 158
Range Heavy: PPP Stim Application AoR 157
Gunnery: PPP Jury Rigged AoR 150
Xenology: PAAA Imp. Stim Application AoR 157
Survival: PA It’s Not That Bad AoR 150
Vigilance: P Dedication x 2 (Int)(Ag) AoR 145
Grit x 4 AoR 148
Durable X 2 AoR 146
Toughened AoR 158
Brace AoR 143
Debilitating Shot AoR 145
Enduring x 2 AoR 146
Outdoorsman AoR 154
Beast Wrangler x 2 SoT 32
Expert Handler SoT 32
Let’s Ride AoR 151
Natural Outdoorsman AoR 151
Spur AoR 151
Improved Spur AoR 151
Supreme Spur AoR 151
Special Notes:
60xp, 700 Credits
Stimpack x 6
Medic Kit Glow Rod
Handheld Comlink Smuggler’s Trenchcoat (Jury Rigged)
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Bowcaster w/Re-Cocker, Autofire Medium Range Heavy 10 Cumbersome 3, Knockdown
Czerka Vibroknuckles Engaged Brawl +1 Pierce 1, Vicious 1
Vibro-glaive w/Mono-molecular Edge Engaged Melee 6 Pierce 3, Defensive 2

Kaladak was born to a family of technicians living in the city of Kepitenochan on Kashyyyk. He was the second pup after his older brother Lobaradak. While his brother kept strongly to the family tradition of harvesting and repairing alien technologies, Kaladak felt more drawn to nature and the study of the deadly life forms on his planet. His parents were somewhat bemused by this interest, but felt that it was something that would pass in time.

Kaladak completed his hrrtayyk ceremony early, at the age of fifteen, due to his understanding of the biology of the native creatures and his considerable study of the melee fighting styles traditional among his people. He found that combining the study of anatomy with fighting made him better at both.

Two years later, tragedy struck as a hunting band, which included Lobaradak, was attacked by a giant weaver. Before the creature was destroyed, two Wookies lay dead and his brother was severely wounded and poisoned. Kaladak stayed at his brother’s side for weeks, watching the healers work at saving his brother. Kaladak found that he understood much of their art and he impressed the healers with how much he had taught himself about medicine. In the end, Lobaradak recovered and Kaladak was accepted as an apprentice healer by Elder Healer Drygrakabukk. Kaladak was thrilled, and he quickly developed a deep enthusiasm for his new calling. Kaladak believed that the natural Wookie predisposition towards repair, mechanics and engineering applied equally to biological systems. He developed a philosophy explaining why Wookies should be the greatest doctors and medics in the galaxy. Over time, the healers council would send him to speak at nursery rings and attempt to recruit more pups into their ranks.

When Kaladak became a full healer, his knowledge, vigor and combat training meant that he was frequently assigned duties away from the cities. He would be the healer assigned to hunting parties, scouting missions and other groups traveling the wilds of the planet. Kaladak was on one such mission, traveling as part of an escort for some off world visitors, when an Empire bombardment of Kashyyyk began.

Kaladak became separated from the group, and ended up evading capture a group of the Mon Cala visitors. During the course of the escape, Kaladak killed many troopers, and had been identified by the Empire. He accepted that he needed to leave world. Despite his exile, he still communicates with his family via some pre-established secret communication channels.


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