Lana Rel

Cunning Civil Servant; Rhys' Girlfriend


Before he died and joined the Rebellion, Rhys was a promising young officer with a bright future – dashing, well-connected, and due for a promotion. While at a junior officer’s function on Aurea, he met Lana Rel, daughter of a Moff from a minor sector. The two hit a chord, and soon, Rhys was burning through his leave to spend time with her. They had planned to announce their engagement after he returned from his tour aboard the Oppressor – but he and his squadron were shot down near the Vallask Cluster and he was presumed dead.

Lana is an attractive young woman who is a collector of works by minor sculptors. She has a promising career in the civilian bureaucracy, though the details were never clear as to what her specific responsibilities were. She possesses a clever mind, is capable of handling herself in high pressure social situations, and is extremely well connected across the Imperial bureaucracy.

Lana Rel

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