Mazer Afa

Twi'lek Scoundrel/Force Sensitive Exile/Charmer

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 3 2 3 2 3
Soak Defence Wounds Strain Encumb
2 Range 0 Melee 0 12 15 7(11)
Skills: Talents: Page
Charm: PPP Convincing Demeanor (1) EotE 84
Cool: PPA Rapid Reaction (1) EotE 84
Deception: PPA Quick Draw EotE 84
Knowledge Underworld: PPA Quick Strike (1) EotE 84
Range Light: PPA Uncanny Senses EotE 277
Skulduggery: PPA Smooth Talker FC 27
Stealth: PPA Kill With Kindness (2) FC 27
Streetwise: PPA Disarming Smile FC 27
Vigilance: PA Grit FC 27
Special Notes:
XP:0 Credits: 60 Duty (Resource Acquisition): 5 Obligation: (Criminal): 10 Force Rating: 1 Force Power: Sense (Basic + Control 1)
Backpack Concealment Holster (Boot)
Stimpack (4) Smuggler’s Trench Coat
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Pistol (2) (Paired Weapons) Medium Range Light 6 Stun
Light Blaster Pistol Medium Range Light 5 Stun

To Mazer Afa the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute,” is a severe understatement of the facts. In a galaxy this big there are millions of suckers born every minute, which for those lucky not to be suckers provides ample opportunity for profit.

Mazer (technically "Mazera’fa) spent his early life drifting around the rim with his father. He has no idea who his mother is or why she wasn’t around. Usually his father was too busy laying around with glazed eyes muttering “prophecies” thanks to a severe glitterstim habit to offer much in the way of explanation or support. Mazer’s formal Twi’lek name includes a clan surname, but to Mazer it’s more of a clever way to confuse people, and confused people bleed money.

Lacking parental oversight or attention and having an overactive motor mouth, Mazer spent his childhood scrounging for himself and tricking the denizens of whatever glitterstim pit his father dragged him to out of their credits. In his early adolescence, Mazer’s father finally died, though whether he’d jumped off one of Nar Shaddaa’s floating spice palaces or been thrown off by fed-up debt collectors Mazer neither knows nor truly cares. To him his father had died far before he’d ever actually gotten to meet him, and to this day Mazer views glitbiters with more than the usual amount of scorn.

Now on his own in a rather unfriendly galaxy, young Mazer turned his childhood aptitude for petty larceny and fraud into a full-on career as a con man, thief, smuggler, and sometimes pirate (he gets bored fairly easily). The next few years saw him honing his skills and his firm belief that if you wanted money from someone the least complicated ways to get it were either to simply take it while they weren’t looking or talk them into giving it to you. The only person who ever challenged this belief was a Chiss who once rather randomly gave him a five credit chip. Mazer chalked that up to a statistical outlier.

Now an adult, sporting pale green skin and a peculiar way of speaking he will be happy to lie to you about acquiring, Mazer finally found out that if you let your tongue wander eventually it will land you in trouble. Without the assumption of innocence that most people ascribe to children, Mazer ended up needing to develop some survival skills for when cons didn’t go his way. A quick hand with a blaster and a reckless addiction to adrenaline surges kept Mazer one step ahead of competition and his “clientele.” However, even these new skills couldn’t keep him ahead of his most dogged pursuer: The Imperial Security Bureau.

Imperial security is a constant thorn in Mazer’s side. Several short stints in prison and a few shootouts with Imperial forces have placed him squarely in the sights of the ISB, who are quite annoyed at his capacity to escape custody and avoid paying for his crimes. Always on the move, Mazer knows he’ll need to stay ahead of them if he wants to keep his much-valued freedom. Now convinced that he cannot not return to business as usual until somebody does something about the Empire, Mazer has started taking jobs from contacts near the Rebellion.. Careful as he has been to avoid being sucked in by “naive and idealistic philosophers,” he’s finding that more and more he agrees with them.

Mazer Afa

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