Rhys Maxir

Human Commander (Squadron Leader/Pilot/Tactician/Mercenary Soldier)

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 3 2 3 4
Defense Soak Wounds Strain Encumb
Range 1 Melee 1 3 14 16 4
Skills: Talents: Page
Astrogation: PAA Body Guard(1)
Coercion: PAA Command(3)
Cool: PPA Commanding Presence(1)
Discipline: PPA Confidence(3)
Gunnery: PPAA Dead to Rights
Knowledge-Warfare: PAA Defensive Driving(1)
Leadership: PPPBBB Field Commander
Mechanics PAA Full Throttle [Improved]
Perception: PA Galaxy Mapper(1)
Piloting-Planetary: PPAA Grit(3)
Piloting-Space: PPPP Let’s Ride
Ranged-Heavy: PPPA Natural Pilot
Ranged-Light: PPAA Outdoorsman(1)
Resilience: PA Quick Draw
Vigilance : PPA Quick Strike(2)
Rapid Recovery(1)
Side Step(3)
Situational Awareness
Skilled Jockey(2)
Point Blank(1)
Dedication(Agility, Presence)
Second Wind(1)
True Aim(2)
Master Pilot
Other Traits:
Equipment: Encumb
Extensive cybernetic replacements, carefully concealed Armored Clothing 0
Military Field Manual Comlink (handheld) 1
Stimpack (2) 0
Duty Space Superiority-The Rebellion’s starfighters are its greatest asset, and Rhys intends to insure that we keep that edge.
Duty Support – Rhys knows that when one team member succeeds the whole team does. He rarely hesitates to back his fellows, working to make sure that the mission is accomplished regardless of who gets the glory.
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Pistol Medium Range Light 6 Stun Setting
Blaster Rifle Medium Range Heavy 9 Stun Setting
Vibroknife Engaged Melee 4 Pierce 2, Vicious 1
Frag Grenade Short Range Light 8 Blast 6, Limited Ammo 1
Stun Grenade Short Range Light 8 NA Disorient 3, Blast 8, Stun Damage, Limited Ammo 1

Rhys Maxir was born in the Lepskin Sector, on Deepfreeze, but left as soon as he qualified for the Imperial Naval Academy. After graduating from flight school, he served with distinction in a TIE/ln squadron aboard the Sedulous, a Victory II Star Destroyer operating in the Thesme Sector. He cross trained on the ship’s batteries, used simulators to qualify for more advanced TIE training, and studied military history for entertainment. In short, a perfect Imperial.

Just before the Battle of Yavin, he was promoted to the Black Bats, a TIE/sa squadron on the Oppressor, an Imperial II Star Destroyer assigned to the Wrath Squadron of the Outer Rim Fleet. During an engagement with a small Rebel fleet near the Vallusk Cluster, the Black Bats were charged with destroying the Bail Organa, a Rebel Nebulon-B frigate that formed the heart of the battle group. The screen of Rebel interceptors and CR90 cruisers shredded the inbound squadron. As his fellows died around him, Rhys focused on completing the mission. His targeting computer locked onto the primary power generator just as his ship burst into flames. He held the course long enough to fire his full payload, before ejecting to a freezing death in the interstellar void.

He woke in the eerie glow of a bacta tank, being tended by an ancient medical droid. At first he was relieved, until he realized the uniforms belonged to Rebel naval personnel. During his months of recovery, he was frequently in the presence of a dark haired human woman with naturally bronze skin. She would ask about his training, his hopes and goals. At first, he said little, but slowly her friendliness and obvious concern for other pilots won him over.

Once he was fully healed, Scara Harend offered him a choice – fly with her and help the Rebellion as a free man, or continue to live as a POW. The choice was simple – he had already died for the Empire, now he was ready to live for the Rebellion – and for the commander who saved his life.

He followed Scara to Lepskin, and has spent time learning to operate in multi-role missions, where his knowledge of weaponry and explosives is an asset above and beyond his expertise in the cockpit.

Rhys Maxir

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