Tamar Dangr

Human Politician


Still dressing in robes similar to those he wore as a bureaucrat Tamar acts as stuffy as his former position entailed. Creating this stifling air around him has allowed him to be almost ignored and allows his true brilliance to come out. Slowly evolving into an information broker Tamar is starting to be noticed.


Former noble cast aside as the New Order solidified, Tamar looks to regain his families standing in the Lepskin Sector. Knowing the sympathizers in the sector he is looking to broker this access into a leadership position within the Lepskin Rebellion.
The current Moff and former senator for the sector was a boyhood friend creating a great shock when he removed Tamar from his high bureaucratic position. Knowing the bureaucrats currently running most of the sector Tamar has become a great resource for the intelligence gathering and sedition groups in the rebellion

Tamar Dangr

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