Woookie Slicer


Often mistaken for someone much older, Yattitcu has white highlights on her dark fur. An eye replaced from her adventures fleeing Kashyyyk she is able to tie it into her data pad to display secondary information. The passion and ideals of youth bubbles out of her and sometimes overcomes her good sense.


Taking a cue from the holonovels she read as a child Yattitcu idealizes the selflessness of the Jedi. Seeing Kashyyyk fall to the Empire she wants to bring down the corrup blaot she has found on the holonet and eventually free the Wookies from the New Order.
Having limited Use of the military networks she is causing havoc on her own, but found out about the organized build up of rebelling forces. Wanting to replace the evil she sees on a day to day basis she sought out and has joined this neophyte group.


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