Lepskin Void

The Centre of it All

The Lepskin Sector is infused with a treacherous nebula that limits hyperspace travel. This void is a centre pocket of the nebula that is less dense, but still filled with asteroids the size of dwarf planets, an amazing amount of ship wrecks, two husks of former stations, and enough sensor echoes to confuse any but the best sensors.

The treacherous conditions of the void has attracted several fledgling pirate crews but each one keeps meeting with the same disastrous fate. The wrecks of pirate ships seem to be easier to find than those of their prey in the void, with several being at short range from the buoy line. In past decade, rumours of a rebel fleet have been circulating ever since the Imperial Navy came through in The Purge to cleanse a Bulk Cruiser that was being reconditioned ostensibly as a small station.

(All sensors are degraded by one range increment, there are navigation buoys to follow through. Passage takes about 2 days at speed 4)

Connected to Enoch, Xix, Lepskin, Deepfreeze, Axel

Lepskin Void

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