Manufacturing centre of the Lepskin Sector

Xix is a semi-independent Sullustan combined Slovant and Lepskin colony that was settled early in the sectors development as a place for both planets ‘undesirables’. Taking advantage of the limited surface to the planet as well as the deep natural caverns in the single small continent a large manufacturing infrastructure was set up to exploit the readily available materials. The colony quickly became the manufacturing power of the sector.

Several centuries ago the Xixian corporations started to settle The Ring and exploit the natural ‘progression’ of materials into becoming a fabrication structure to rival the great houses of Kuat and Corellia.

Xix has worked to gain contracts from Corellian Engineering Corporation as well as Sienaar Fleet Systems. Recently the consortium has won a license from Kuat Drive Yards to manufacture small to medium patrol craft for surrounding systems.

The underworld on Xix has become more than just a clever play on words with regards to the Sullustans, the Sullustan Brotherhood has a deep presence on the planet with some protection being paid along side the usual vices.

Connected to Wellcheck, Arnat, T’Thun, Slovant, and The Lepskin Void


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