Mohoju Tanwa

Rodian Big Game Hunter/ Trader/Entertainer An older Rodian who's antennae sag slightly now and greyish tinge has taken to his spines. Dressed in a hunters jacket with a wide brimmed hat trimmed with claws.

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
2 4 3 3 1 3
Soak Defense Wounds Strain Encumb
4 Range 0 Melee 1 14 13 7(7)
Skills: Talents: Page#
Astrogation: PAA Expert Tracker 135
Cool: PPA Stalker 143
Deception: PPA Confidence 133
Negotiation: PPA Quick Strike 141
Perception: PPA Hunter’s Quarry EU 30
Pilot-Space: PPAA Heightened Awareness 136
Stealth: PPAA Outdoorsman 141
Survival: PPP Swift 144
Ranged-Heavy: PPPA Know Somebody 2ranks 138
Knowledge-Outer Rim: AAA Wheel and Deal 145
Knowledge-Lore: AAA Grit (2ranks) 136
Knowledge-Xenology: PPA Forager 135
Charm: PPPA Toughened 145
Discipline: P Dedication Intellect
Leadership: PAA Improved Hunter’s Quarry 30EtU
Nobody’s Fool 139
Kill with Kindness 150AoR
Congenial 33FH
Smooth Talker 3 Ranks 156 AoR
Distracting Behavior (3 ranks)(Improved) 32 33FH
Deceptive Taunt Dodge 135
Superior Reflexes 144 Biggest Fan 32 FH
Special Notes:
Tailored Armored Jacket- Free on negation, charm, and deception checks
Telescopic Sight- Reduce difficulty of range checks at long and extreme range by one.
Forearm Grip- Decreases additional difficulty of Ranged-Heavy attacks while engaged by 1 difficulty.
Backpack – Field Dressing Kit, Extra Reload, Stimpack x2, Hand Comlink, Field Rations x3
Weapon Range Skill Damage Crit Special
Blaster Rifle Ellie Medium Range Heavy 9 Blast 4, Stun
Model 77 Air RifleSandman Extreme Range Heavy 6 Pierce 4, Cumbersome 2, Stun
Combat Knife Engaged Melee 1

“Taking down a Gundark is easy. Keeping Imperial licensing past two seasons is hard.” quote from Mohoju Tanwa in his interview with GNN after his popular hunting show was canceled.

It had been 10 years since the show Massive Monster Beast Hunter starring Mohoju was canceled. Sponsorships and commercial appearances had dried up, and the talent agent had stopped taking Mohoju’s calls. Drifting along the Outer Rim contemplating writing his memoirs, taking clan jobs in negotiating contracts, professional hunts it paid the most the bills but in total obscurity.

Eventually, Mohoju was approached outside a cheap cantina on Ord Mantel, by what he thought was an overzealous fan. Reluctant at first, he accepted the invitation to drinks, much later after much boasting and toasting the fan made Mohoju a generous offer. They shook on it and two weeks later Mohoju and a team of trappers were bundled into cold weather gear tracking herds of Tauntauns across frozen tundra.

Since joining the Rebels Mohoju has taught the young his survivalist skills and helped bring in the resources that the rebels need. Having been the leading part of his own holonet team Mohoju recognizes the importance of the individual in the rebellion. Not a day goes by when Mohoju has not cornered some reluctant rebel regaling them with his adventures and admonishing them to be better prepared.

Lastly but not the least is Mohoju’s attachment to his equipment. His prized Model 77 AirRifle “Sandman” and his modified E-11 blaster rifle “Ellie”. Ellie has been a more recent acquisition but having found himself snout to snout with some large predatory animals sometimes you just need the stopping power “Ellie” delivers close up. “Sandman” was a gift from his father before Mohoju led his first hunt. Tweaking and upgrading the weapon over time it has become refined. When not in use it hangs above his bunk on a special plaque. Many of Mohoju’s stories involve “Sandman”.

The Universe is a great big savannah. The Hunters feast upon the Prey. Mohoju’s motto “Even the biggest Beast can be brought down by a pack of well trained Kath Hounds and a well placed shot.”

Mohoju Tanwa

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