Sullustan home in the Lepskin Sector

Slovant was settled almost three thousand years ago by the Sorosuub Corporation as a way of expanding worker base and production in a lightly regulated sector. This worked for the first hundred years or so, but the Sullustans quickly learned that they were quite distant and the holonet wasn’t that functional out on the deep rim. A quiet and fairly peaceful revolt happened where Slovant became part of a commonwealth with Sullust instead of a wholly run colony.

This new freedom of spirit and destiny has led Slovant to become closer to Xix and to the sector as a whole. Sorosuub still has quite a presence and is extremely careful about working conditions for its employees.

Slovant is very close to its star, causing people to have to approach from the night side or risk having their sensors damage. At parihelion armour can be melted completely off of a ship if it is too slow to escape into Slovant’s shadow. A vast network of tunnels and tubes litter the high sub surface to allow for proper trade to happen at all times of the year.

Mining is what brought Sorosuub to Slovant and has kept them here still, the population expanding into the mine shafts that have been burrowed beneath the surface.

Connected to Xix, Catiwhinn, and Axel


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